The Top Gun is designed for user comfort with its flexible cord and easy-to-use trigger switch. The controls are integrated into the gun body, including ionization monitoring light, replaceable long-lasting air filter, and air output regulator. The included power supply mounts with ease above or below the work surface. The unit's "shockless" design prevents users from experiencing uncomfortable shocks if the ionizing point is touched.


  1. 1)Current Consumption: Max.0.24A/0.12A

  2. 2)Input Voltage: 110V/220V

3) Construction: Cast aluminum gun handle/ Polycarbonate nozzle

4) Decay time ≤ 1.3S ( 5000V decrease to 500V at 150mm)

5) Ion Balance: ≤± 10V

  1. 6)Weight: approx. 4Kg, including H.T. Cable and power supply

  2. 7)Length of H.V. Cable: 3m.

  3. 8)Air Velocity: 0.2μm

  4. 9)Filter Capacity: 10m/sec.

  5. 10) Operating Temperature: 0℃~50℃

  6. 11) Offset Voltage: -30V ~+30V

  7. 12)Max. Air Pressure: 100psi

  8. 13) Max Temperature: 65℃


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