1. 1)Ionizing air copper bar has a line pin design.

  2. 2)Ionizing points are housed in a rigid copper bar.

  3. 3) It’s designed for a wide variety of rugged working conditions and hard to reach area, especially ideal for printing industry or rolling type devices.


  1. 1)Operating Voltage: 7KV/50Hz

2) Air Pressure: 0.3~0.8 Mpa

3) Distance: 150mm.

  1. 4)Decay time ≤ 0.7S ( 5000V decrease to 500V)

     Distance:    30mm.    60mm.    90mm.

     Positive:      0.7s.       0.9s.        1.3s.

     Negative:     0.8s.       1.0s.        1.4s.

5) Ion Balance: ≤± 50V


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