SL-080BF Specification

1) Operation Voltage: 4.6Kv

2) Current Consumption: 0.11A

3) Operating Temperature: 32°F(0°C)-122°F(50°C)

4) Weight: 1.3kg/m

5) H.V. Cable Length: 3m

6) Operating Air Pressure: 0.4MPa-1.0MPa

7) Operating Air Velocity: 10m/sec

Ionizing compressed air nozzle delivers ionization to neutralize charges in very specific area such as inaccessible trouble spot.

It is ideally installed to a fixed work station in order to dissipate

static charges, as well as for preventing double pickup at the feed pile on sheet-fed presses.  Air Nozzle has an effective of 1000mm.

It required power supply for operation which must be ordered separately.


1.      Can be installed in a fixed position.

2.      The length of bar can be customized.

3.      The pin can be replaced easily.

4.      Effective static elimination.

5.      Its powerful air blast makes it suitable for a wide variety of rugged industrial environment.


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