Ionizing Air Snake Nozzle with Sensor SL-005CF is a kind of specialized static elimination equipments that apply the use of compress air. It has the characteristics of easy installation, working stability, strong wind velocity, high efficiency in static elimination. Sensor is adopted in the device. When objects pass by the device, it will automatically switch on/off the air flow, which makes the static elimination hassle free and less noise.


1) Operating voltage:      4.6KV 50 Hz

2) Current consumption:    350 uA

4) Operating temperature:   -10°C~+45°C

  1. 5)Weight: 0.4Kg.

  2. 6)HV Cable Length: 3m.

  3. 7)Operating Air Pressure: 0.3~0.7 Mpa

  4. 8)Operating Air Velocity: 10m/sec

  5. 9)Decay Time: 1.1S

  6. 10) Offset Voltage: -50V~+50V


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