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Ionizing air curtain is a combination of static eliminator and air curtain. Boosted AC voltage will have impact on multi-group corona discharge needles to generate considerable amount of positive and negative ions which will be delivered by a slender tubular fan, then it forms a uniform distribution of ionic air curtain. The Ionizing Air Curtain is situated above the doors of clean room, electronics workshop, supermarket, Theatre and operating room etc. and creates a power seal across the opening. This effect of "ionic bathing" can reduce dust, static cling contamination and worker shock on moving conveyor lines as well as stationary applications. It can quickly neutralize static, and then remove lint and dust from products, improving material handling and appearance of finished products. It also has pollution prevention, anti-mosquito, In addition to smell and other functions. Widely used in electronic instruments, refrigeration, food, precision processing and other industries.


  1. 1)Operating Voltage: AC220V/50Hz

  2. 2)Decay Time: 2S (1 meter away from the outlet)

  3. 3)Offset Voltage: 150V~+50V

  4. 4)Air Velocity: ≥780m/min

Model      SL-906    SL-909    SL-912    SL-915

Max Input Power    160W      240 W     360 W     400 W

Weight             16.5kg    24kg      31kg      37kg

Size      600×266×265(mm)    900×266×265(mm)    1200×266×265(mm)    1500×266×265(mm)


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