SL-289 Specification

  1. 1)Operating Voltage: Ionizing Air Snake 5.6Kv.

  2. 2)Power Supply 220VAC

  3. 3)Power Consumption: Max35VA (SL-008DC)

  4. 4)Operating Air Pressure: 0.3 Mpa~0.8Mpa

  5. 5)Air Consumption: 3.5m³/H (0.4 Mpa)

  6. 6)Noise: about 55dB

  7. 7)Weight: 4.8 Kg. (Including SL-008DC)

  8. 8)Decay Time: < 1.5 Second

  9. 9)Offset Voltage: -50V~ +50V


  1. 1)Electric shock protection and sound deadener design.

  2. 2)Output of HV power and compressed air are controlled by optical sensor switch

  3. 3)Side kick include bracket for easy bench top mounting.

  4. 4)Equipped with effective filter, 100 class clean room applicable.

  5. 5)Need to be operated with SL-008DC power supply, which is ordered separately.


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